Nut Splitters Designed for Performance and Reliability

Enerpac says its NS Series of nut splitters are specially designed to suit standard ANSI B16.5/BS1560 flanges, and feature nickel-plated cylinder bodies for excellent corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments. Heavily corroded and weathered nuts can be quickly split and removed. Interchangeable heads are available to provide flexibility and the single-acting, spring return for double-acting operation allows the splitter to be used with a variety of hydraulic power sources. Tri-blade technology provides three cutting surfaces on a single blade, facilitating easy changes in the field. Grip tape and handle are included for more secure operation. A pre-set blade cutting depth scale in each tool is a standard feature and allows controlled blade extension to avoid damage to bolts and threads. The scale indicates the bolt range in metric and imperial values on each cutting head. These nut splitters cut hexagon nut sizes from 70–130 mm [2.75–5 in.] in a bolt range from M45 to M90 [1.75–3.5 in.].

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 10 -