Hydraulic Breaker has Many New Features

Tramac has introduced the newest addition to its line of heavy breakers: the V4500, which shares many basic characteristics of the company’s V1800 and V2500 models. Main features include blank-firing protection to prevent metal on metal contact; a pressure regulator valve to prevent overpressure and accidental overflow; reinforced suspension to absorb vibration that leads to premature wear to the boom; automatic pressure regulation that ensures constant operation despite variations in flow or temperature; an automatic frequency adaptation system for optimal blows per minute and strike force for the material being worked on; and an energy recovery feature that captures rebound energy and delivers it in the next blow. The 13,000 ft lb impact class breaker weighs 9,921 lb (4,500 kg), has a tool diameter of 7.5 in. (190 mm), operates at 2,683 psi (185 bar) and can deliver 500 to 750 blows per minute. It is intended for mounting on carriers in the 50- to 90-ton weight range.


As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 09 - www.womp-int.com