Improved Knife Gate Design for Slurry Handling

A new line of knife gate slurry valves from Larox Flowsys features industrial cast-iron bodies and heavy-duty, stainless steel gates along with standardequipment flushing port, limit switch mount, locking gate and top and bottom stem protectors. According to the company, each knife gate valve now has a heavier, thicker gate and a J-ring seat design able to withstand higher pressures than a conventional C-ring design. Removable seats on both sides of the blade provide a bi-directional, bubble- tight seal in which no parts of the metal are exposed to slurry. Three types of knife gate valves are offered to cover a wide range of applications; they include flanged, wafer, and high-pressure models, available with pressure ratingd up to 300 psig and diameters from 2–24 in.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 07 -