New Track System Minimizes Undercarriage Maintenance

Berco, a supplier of components for tracked vehicles, recently unveiled ROBUSTUS—the ROtating BUShing Track Undercarriage System. The core feature of the new system is a rotating bushing. On a machine fitted with a traditional undercarriage, the sprocket slides on the external surface of the bushing during normal operation, causing bushing and sprocket wear. With ROBUSTUS, the bushing rotates when in contact with the sprocket, reducing bushing/sprocket friction and wear, enabling longer life and eliminating the need to turn bushings and pins or to replace sprocket segments during the entire life of the undercarriage. In addition, a wider track link rail provides an extended running surface area, balancing the wear of all components and eliminating scalloping wear between chain and roller and between chain and idler. Reinforced hardware improves joint stability, according to the company, which also notes the system is compatible with existing frames and standard components. Older machines can be upgraded to increase productivity and extend undercarriage life, and ROBUSTUS also is forward-compatible with new-generation undercarriages equipped with parallel or twin links. Berco says field tests have proved the new system increases track life by 35% with a maximum of 6,000 hours of operation, cutting operating costs by 15%–25%.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 07 -