New Trucks at Mesquite are the First to Display Bucyrus Branding

A 205-ton-capacity truck body is placed into position during assembly of a Bucyrus
MT3700AC haul truck recently delivered to New Gold’s Mesquite gold mine in southern
California. This and a second truck ordered by the mine are the first to be delivered
since Bucyrus’ acquisition of Terex’s mining equipment business and the first to
carry the Bucyrus logo and paint scheme.
Bucyrus International reported recently it had commissioned the first of two new MT3700AC haul trucks at New Gold’s Mesquite gold mine in Imperial Country, California. According to Bucyrus, these 205-ton-payload haulers are the first to be delivered in the United States following Bucyrus’ acquisition of Terex Inc.’s mining business earlier this year— and are also the first to display the Bucyrus logo and paint scheme. The MT3700AC trucks are powered by an MTU 16V4000 diesel rated at 2,500 hp combined with General Electric AC drive components.

Formerly owned by Newmont Gold, the Mesquite mine was closed in 1999 due to low gold prices and acquired by Western Goldfields Inc. in 2003. WGI subsequently completed a positive feasibility study on the mine in 2006. New Gold acquired the shares and assets of WGI in an arranged transaction that was finalized in mid-2009. The mine operates a loading and haulage fleet that has expanded to include 14 MT3700AC trucks, along with two RH340 hydraulic excavators, and is currently producing more than 100,000 oz/y of gold.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 07 -