Transformers Handle Harsh Environments

Pacific Crest Transformers says its station and substation trans- formers are ideal for mining applications, constructed to withstand rough ground and corrosive environments and featuring greater overload capability and high thermal resistivity. Designed to with- stand the harsh conditions found at mines, PCT transformers can be used in applications that range from auxiliary lighting loads to power for cranes, drag lines, conveyor belts and other miscella- neous dedicated variable speed drive applications. PCT's liquid- filled station type transformers are available in ratings from 75 to 15,000 kVA. Compact in size, station transformers are skid mounted and can operate while tilted. Customized designs are available for both new applications and replacement of existing transformers. PCT's secondary unit substation transformers also are designed for reliability and heavy industrial use, offering a wide range of core steels and winding conductors to meet total-owner- ship cost and material requirements.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 06 -