Picks and Bits for Higher Productivity

New developments in its ProBore roof bits and ProPoint high-efficiency picks are delivering measurable benefits in produc- tivity and safety for underground mining operations, according to Kennametal. ProBore roof bits feature a new twisted- body design specifically engineered for improved operation. Unlike traditional straight-body designs where dust and other materials clog or otherwise slow down equipment, the new ProBore twisted-body design acts like a flute on a twist drill, effi- ciently channeling dust away, simultane- ously reducing clogging and lowering cut- ting forces, making drilling more efficient. An arched tip support increases the seating area for the bit, reducing break- age and increasing tip life. Two point styles are available, one with a split nose for more demanding operations; and a solid nose style for increased penetration rates. The ProPoint high-efficiency tip features a new thinner cross-section that reduces respirable dust and low- ers power consumption while increasing material size. A proprietary body profile with a narrow bottom tip reduces breakage and extends service life, meaning more rock cutting with signifi- cantly fewer motor trips for continuous mining machines.


As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 06 - www.womp-int.com