Air-Powered Pump Handles High-Pressure Tasks

Wilden's H800 high-pressure pump is engineered with the latest technological advancements in Air Distribution Systems to deliver reliable and flexible perform- ance in filtration, chemical sludge transfer and general industrial applications. The H800 is designed to transfer viscous, solid-laden slurries at high discharge pres- sures by utilizing a 3:1 pressure ratio of inlet air supply to discharge fluid. Available in stainless steel and ductile iron bolted construction, the pump can achieve discharge fluid pressures up to 17.2 bar (250 psig), and also can help avoid costly external boosters or amplifiers to achieve required pressure output for high-pressure applications. Maximum flow rate for the H800 is 360 liters per minute (95 gpm), with a maximum inlet air pres- sure of 5.9 bar (85 psig).

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 06 -