Shield Hauler Carries 60-Ton Loads

Bucyrus International says its new FBL- 55(H) diesel-powered shield hauler offers the highest lift capacity in its class, able to lift and carry longwall shields and equip- ment weighing up to 60 mt (66.2 tons). A six-cylinder diesel engine and a wet-exhaust system package reduce operating costs and increase equipment availability. The exhaust system package includes particu- late filtration, inline purification and a cat- alytic converter, controlled by the Bucyrus Diesel Control System (DCS). A removable cookie plate and fixed forks enable the hauler to be used in underground roof sup- port installation as well as for transportation of heavy equipment. The unit, according to Bucyrus, is designed for maximum safety, with features including falling object pro- tection (FOPS) and maximized visibility. A unique Bucyrus design incorporating hori- zontally mounted radiators and fans allows clean air to be drawn in at the top of the machine, eliminating fan blade damage and increasing operational flexibility, as the direction of mine ventilation has no adverse effect on performance. This design also pro- vides excellent operator visibility, according to the company.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 06 -