Filter Press Line Features Shorter Cycles

Micronics reports that the line of LASTA MC (mining concentrate) filter press it distributes for Japanese manufacturer Ishigaki Co. Ltd. is successfully dewatering mine tailings and mineral concentrates throughout the world, with more than 100 machines in service—many with over 20 years of trouble- free operation. Ishigaki’s Sakaide, Japan, factory designs and produces the LASTA MC filters, which are claimed to offer short filter cycles and discharge filter cakes faster than conventional machines. Micronics says Ishigaki is currently the only manufacturer of fully automatic filters capable of running operator-free on mining and industrial process sites utilizing two configurations for handling filter cake discharge— the MC for mining applications and SD model for process applications. Cake discharge on the MC model is fully automatic; the design of the filter chamber and separation of the cloth from the plate actuates discharge. Sticking cake is sensed by the cloth hanger bar resting on the vibrator tube. This condition actuates a vibration frequency designed to discharge all remaining cakes. Three models are offered, with 1.5 x 2 m, 2.1 x 2.1 m and 2.1 x 2.9 m plate size, respectively; providing capabilities to dewater tailings to 14% moisture and mineral concentrates to 8% cake moisture.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 04 -