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The latest PC Systems Handbook for Scientists and Engineers from Cyber- Research features more than 5,000 rugged industrial PCs, PC components, monitors, accessories and data-acquisition products. The handbook, according to the supplier, is a one-stop shopping guide to rugged industrial and scientific computing products, including computers, peripherals, accessories, data acquisition, and communications. The latest edition, Volume 25A, features new 40-in. models in the company’s proprietary lines of CyRAQ NEMA 4X panel PCs and monitors, as well as longdistance KVMs that operate over the Internet or fiber-optic cable. New SBCs and space-saving keyboards are also included. Other rugged industrial computing products in the handbook include workstations, chassis with builtin monitors, motherboards, and accessories such as pointing devices, hard drives, removable drives, video cards, and signal extenders and amplifiers.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 01 -