Software Release Focuses on Mine-Wide Optimization

Gemcom Software International has released Gemcom Whittle 4.3, the latest version of its strategic mine planning software for open-pit mines. To assist mine planners in producing robust mine plans, Whittle has been designed for mine optimization, which enables significant increases in project value over and above pit optimization. The software incorporates the strategic mine planning capabilities needed to achieve mine optimization: strategic scheduling; detailed cost, price and recovery modeling; stockpiles; multiple mines; blending; and cut-off optimization. New for Whittle 4.3 is the NPV Practical Push-Backs module which provides a single-step process for creating push-backs that address both maximum NPV and minimum mining width requirements. For all deposits where minimum mining width needs to be maintained, or the creation of pushbacks is an option, NPV Practical Push- Backs is recommended to add value to the decision-making process by providing a more accurate NPV for each project. Gemcom states that NPV Practical Push-Backs provides new methods for push-back creation that enable practical schedules to become a standard part of the mine planning decisionmaking process, allowing the full potential value of the deposit to be realized.

As featured in Womp 2010 Vol 01 -