Wider Coverage for Broad Area Dust Control

Dust Control Technology has introduced a 180° oscillation option on its two largest units, effectively quadrupling the coverage area of each machine. The company says it is now able to deliver effective particle control over 80,000 ft2 (7,400 m2) of area from a single location with its flagship model, the DustBoss DB-60, allowing users to cover nearly two full acres with a dust-trapping mist. When equipped with the expanded oscillation option, the revised designs require a change to a center water feed to accommodate the increased range of motion; also installed is a larger motor on the DB-60 or its cousin, the DustBoss DB-45, to handle the additional work. The machines allow users to select 45°, 90°, 135° or 180° options to suit specific job requirements at any given time. The DB-60 employs a series of 30 specially designed brass nozzles to atomize water into 50- to 200-micron droplets— optimum for effective particle attraction. Launched by a 25-hp motor that generates 30,000 cfm (850 m3/minute), the atomized spray has a throw of more than 200 ft (60 m), yet the carriage-mounted device is completely portable, allowing it to be located wherever it’s needed most. An optional 10-hp (7.5-KW) booster pump raises water pressure in the DB-60 to as much as 200 psi. The smaller DB-45 can deliver a virtual dust barrier that covers more than 40,000 ft2 (approximately 3,700 m2). Both units have an adjustable throw angle from 0°-50° elevation and are available with Variable Particle Sizing technology, providing a wide selection of nozzles for suppressing a broad range of particle sizes.


As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 10 - www.womp-int.com