200-Ton-Capacity Gear Puller

Posi Lock’s hydraulic line featuring patented “Safety Cage design” has again been expanded to include a four-jaw, 200-ton puller. The PH-200T puller’s jaws have a reach of 50 in. (1,219 mm) and a spread range from 8 in. (203.2 mm) to 52.5 in. (1,333.5 mm). The hydraulic-powered dual mast lift cart will extend from ground to 5 ft (1,524 mm). The puller can be removed from the cart and can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. Jaws are hydraulically guided by the safety cage and jaw tips can be manually adjusted for optimal contact with the pulling surface. Operator convenience and safety is further enhanced with a two-stage electric pump featuring a 10-ft remote jog switch.


As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 08 - www.womp-int.com