System Measures Employee Noise Exposure

Sperian’s Howard Leight division has introduced QuietDose, claimed to be the only personal dosimeter that measures and records a worker’s actual in-ear exposure to noise over an entire work shift. The QuietDose system comprises a small Exposure Smart Protector (ESP) dosimeter that’s worn in a shirt pocket or on the back of a hardhat; protective eartips or an earmuff with integrated microphones that record real-time in-ear noise levels; and a connecting harness. An infrared reader enables safety managers to retrieve data from the ESP dosimeter at the end of each shift or work week and analyze the results on a personal computer. According to the company, QuietDose provides sufficient accuracy for assessment of personal workplace noise risk, enabling safety managers and employees to track, document and address the potential of occupational hearing loss and Standard Threshold Shift in real time.

As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 07 -