New Electronic Blast Initiation System

Dyno Nobel has introduced the DigiShot electronic initiation system to the mining market, claiming that it provides more vibration control, increased crusher and mill throughput, greater highwall stability and improved operational efficiencies. Additional benefits attributed to the system include: Less end-user training time required due to the system’s easy-to-use menu-driven software, while the hook-up process is quicker because pattern and delay timing can be entered ahead of time; the DigiShot Electronic Detonator easily clips to the 2-wire busline on the surface which simplifies use with reduced components on the bench; blast patterns and timing can be conveniently programmed either directly into the DigiShot Blaster or downloaded from a PC-based design program in advance of or on the day of the shot; an easy auto-programming feature is available to save time and reduce errors, along with manual programmable mode to accommodate virtually any delay scheme; and for security, the DigiShot Blaster is password protected, requires a DigiShot-specific Smart Key and uses a coded signal to fire the blast.

As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 07 -