New Pump Seals Handle High Temperatures

ITT Water & Wastewater says its new line of Griploc mechanical face seals is well suited to the needs of its customers. The uniform design of the 20- to 35-mm seals allows the mounting procedure to be the same for all seals in the product line, while solid seal rings and clog-resistant design enable the seals to offer low leakage, better reliability and longer life. A lock spring is tightened around the shaft, offering axial fixation and torque transmission; this prevents damage to the shaft and eliminates the need for grub screws. The seals perform well in high temperatures, which alleviates the common problem of dry running failure. Conventional seal surfaces become convex in high temperatures, but these seals are designed with a slight concavity so that they become flat when the seals heat up.

As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 06 -