Rubber Linings Protect Metal Frames and Surfaces

Sandvik Mining & Construction says it has developed a simple solution to problems of truck-bed and hopper damage from impact of falling rocks during loading. Sandvik WT 6000 rubber linings are delivered as a tailored solution, complete with rubber elements, bolts and plugs, and can be installed with stud welds or through-bolts. The supplier can also arrange the removal of old lining and assemblies. The linings absorb kinetic energy on impact, subsequently returning to their previous shape. This protects the underlying structure, lengthening the life of the truck dump body or hopper itself and also reducing the risk of buckling and cracking in the truck or hopper frame. In turn, this reduces maintenance and structural repair work and downtime. Measurements show that the rubber linings reduce noise levels by up to 20 dBA relative to steel lining plate. They also absorb noise so that the effect of the noise on operators is diminished, reducing the risk of occupational injuries, Sandvik says. An additional advantage in cold climates is the lessened risk of fines freezing to the liners.

As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 06 -