New Drive Handles Up to Four Pumps

WEG Electric recently unveiled the CFW- 08 multipump drive, a new system that allows control of up to four pumps with one frequency drive. By controlling multiple pumps simultaneously, the CFW-08 keeps constant pressure in pipelines regardless of fluctuations in outflow demand. In addition, the VFD (variable frequency drive) also monitors pressure and the level of the capture reservoir. The CFW-08 has the capability to control in two modes: fixed control, where the pump with variable speed is always the same; or floating control, in which the variable speed pump is changed according to an alternating schedule. The fixed mode allows control of up to four pumps and the floating control mode can handle three pumps. The system can also determine acceleration and deceleration ramp along with minimum and maximum speed limits for the driven pump. A PID controller is used with the auxiliary pumps’ start/stop logic to control the system output pressure. The control unit on the WEG CFW-08 drive provides U/F control or vector sensorless, and RS232 serial interface or RS485 (optional). Engineered for heavy duty applications, units start at 0.25 hp rating up to 20 hp.

As featured in Womp 2009 Vol 06 -