European Suppliers Introduce New Tire Chains

RUD-Erlau’s TerraPlus is a tire chain developed from standard snow chain specifically for use in mining, quarrying, forestry and snowfield applications on equipment working in either deep snow or soft ground. This traction chain features distinctive Zshaped links with self-cleaning characteristics and studs to ensure optimal grip. TerraPlus is available in 11-, 14- and 16- mm diameters. Another major European chain specialist, Pewag Austria GmbH, has also released new and improved tire protection chains— the Premium and Basic Series. The Premium series, featuring the latest Tycoon link generation, are claimed to be the strongest tire protection chains available. They are designed for large wheel loaders and the tough and abrasive conditions in open-pit and underground mining. Pewag says the Premium series provides higher productivity, is cheaper, has a longer life, needs less care and maintenance, has a new link design, a tougher ring system, a heavy-duty tension system, the largest wear volume per m2, highest breaking resistance, the densest mesh and less mechanical joints than competing products. The Basic series is designed to deliver cost efficiency for a low price, especially on smaller machines and for companies that use lower-cost tires.

As featured in Womp 09 Vol 05 -