Insulation Coating for Underground Engines

Firwin Corp., a Canadan-based manufacturer of removable insulation blankets, recently launched a new insulation product— Firwin HC Hard Coat insulation. In contrast with insulation blankets, which are designed to be removable and reusable, Firwin HC is an insulation coating that is affixed to the product. Featuring a lightweight and durable exterior that clings to the part, Firwin HC prevents fluids from igniting on hot engine and exhaust components. “Certain industries, such as underground mining, have a need for insulation that will not pose a risk should an oil leak occur,” said Paul Herman, Firwin’s president. “Although our MineWrap product was developed for that purpose, some customers prefer a more permanent insulation over removable insulation, and one that will have a longer life-span.” The product can be applied to exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, elbows and exhaust tubing, and is aimed at industries such as mining, marine and defense. It conforms tightly to parts, making it ideal for limited space applications..

As featured in Womp 09 Vol 05 -