Hydraulic Classifier for Fine Materials

Eriez Cross Flow Separators are highly efficient hydraulic classifiers that sort finely sized material based on particle size and/or density. These units are widely used in the mineral processing industry for sizing and concentrating minerals in slurry form. The CrossFlow Separator employs a hindered bed which provides an economical and efficient means of sizing material such as sand and phosphate. Additionally, ores with a mixture of high- and low-density components are readily upgraded based on the differences in specific gravity. Examples include iron ore and heavy mineral sands with silica contamination and run-of-themine coal with various ash-forming components such as rock and pyrite. Because of its tangential feed system, Eriez claims the CrossFlow Separator can handle up to twice the capacity of other traditional hydraulic classifiers. The CrossFlow features a main housing (separation zone and dewatering cone), product collection launder, water injection and process control system.


As featured in Womp 09 Vol 03 - www.womp-int.com