Pre-Assembled Towers for Sulphuric Acid Facilities

Koch Knight recently announced the global availability of its acid resistant bricklined towers. A fully assembled turn-key solution, Koch Knight custom designs, manufactures and lines each tower based upon each user’s individual specifications. Towers feature carbon steel outer shells and are lined with Koch Knight’s Pyroflex sheet membrane system for maximum durability. Proven in severe acid environments for more than 50 years, the company claims Pyroflex remains permanently plastic, outperforming traditional asphaltic and fiber-reinforced resin alternative linings. The towers are lined internally with Koch Knight’s Knight-Ware brick, acidproof refractories that maintain their corrosion- resistant qualities in harsh, high-temperature environments. According to the company, the towers are an ideal alternative to on-site tower assembly, as they mitigate the typical labor, safety and cost considerations associated with such construction. Available for global delivery, Koch Knight’s brick lined towers can be constructed in diameters of up to 15 ft.

As featured in Womp 09 Vol 03 -