Scaler Line Combines Safety with Flexibility

Having created a “scaling kit” to convert the model 852TSL underground utility vehicle to a scaler last year, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik has now launched a scaler series. The German niche product manufacturer says its TSL-S scaler series offers the latest, most flexible and highest performance solution for securing hanging walls in underground mining and tunneling. The Paus TSL-S scalers combine maneuverability and flexibility through small machine dimensions, hydrostatic four-wheel drive with power-limiting control unit, the articulated joint design and a telescopic boom swiveling by +/- 45°. These machines provide a “quick task force” at the face, Paus says. After having finished work in one area, the machine can move to the next site quickly: there are no special transportation requirements.

Another advantage of the new units is their ability to apply impact force to the rock in a precise manner. The use of a comparatively small hammer (the 200-kg NPK GH 203) protects the hanging roof from further damage caused by over-penetration. The TSL-S ensures loose rock fracture on the spot without causing further unwanted spalling. By using the hydraulic feed of the telescopic boom together with the impact force of the hammer, the breaking action can be restricted to the minimum required for effective scaling. These features ensure that the TSL-S7 (7.8-m reach) and new TSL-S12 (11.5-m reach) are able to achieve efficient strata control and to cope with hard, solid rock as well as with brittle, soft and fragmented rock.

As featured in Womp 09 Vol 03 -