Handheld Lube Oil Analyzer

Spectro Inc. has introduced FluidScan, a handheld lubricant condition monitor designed for the on-site analysis of lubricant condition. FluidScan represents the state-of-the-art in infrared technology and can be used to quickly check the condition of hydraulic fluids, engine oils, turbine oils and gear oils for degradation and the presence of contaminants. FluidScan analyzes fluids using infrared spectroscopy, a technique that has found wide acceptance as a primary test for lubricant degradation and contamination. Since it performs the analyses on-site it provides immediate feedback on critical properties and makes it possible for users to extend oil change intervals, reduce operational and maintenance cost, reduce unscheduled maintenance outages and help to avoid catastrophic equipment failures. FluidScan measures base number (BN), acid number (AN), oxidation, nitration, sulphation, incorrect lubricant, additive depletion, soot, glycol/ antifreeze and water. It uses an innovative, patented flip-top sampling cell and a solid-state spectrometer to make field use possible and delivers a fluid condition assessment based on ASTM Standard Practice E 2412.


As featured in Womp 09 Vol 01 - www.womp-int.com