Portable Heater Can Handle Longer Duct Length

Allmand Bros. Inc. has upgraded its Maxi-Heat portable heater with higher static pressure and longer ducting. Incorporating a new fan-motor combination and increasing the static pressure from 0.5 wg to 1.5 wg, the upgraded Maxi-Heat is able to accommodate up to 110 ft of 16-in. ducting, rather than 40 ft with the previous model. Since many industries are now requiring air to be ducted up to 100 ft, these upgrades have increased both the performance and versatility of the portable heater. The Maxi- Heat features twin heater units that produce a maximum of 1,010,000 Btu and may be operated independently, depending on heating requirements. A standard 1,800-rpm liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine with regulated generator power the heaters and electrical accessories. A 191-gallon fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of operation without refueling. In addition to the static pressure and ducting upgrades, Allmand has added an in-line fuel heater and pre-filter to the Maxi-Heat’s fuel system to improve heater performance and durability. The heater/pre-filter makes the Maxi-Heat more tolerant to dirt and variances in fuel viscosity, which is especially important in situations where fuel may be contaminated or is not blended properly for the operating conditions.


As featured in Womp 09 Vol 01 - www.womp-int.com