Stable, Agile Water Wagon

AGM America has begun offering the A40LN water wagon, designed to maneuver through the toughest jobsite conditions. According to the company, the vehicle’s patented uni-body design, along with sixwheel drive and four-wheel braking system, significantly increases the Static Roll Threshold (SRT). A unique system of vertical and horizontal baffles, featuring one-way check valves, creates 20 separate compartments and prevents water surge within the empty portion of the tank. The unit’s solidstate control system employs Bluetooth connectivity to allow the water control system to be configured via laptop computer. Specific job or mine site functions can be controlled, including intermittent spray, low water level shutdown, GPS coordinate programming and remote water cannon operation. The A40LN is powered by a Tier 3 compliant Caterpillar diesel engine, carries Caterpillar’s truck warranty and is available through the Caterpillar dealer network worldwide.

As featured in Womp 09 Vol 01 -