Cummins Okays B20 Biodiesel Usage

Cummins Inc. has approved B20 biodiesel blend for use with its 19- to 78-liter highhorsepower engine platforms manufactured after January 1, 2008. This approval, according to the company, provides a significant expansion of Cummins engine compatibility with B20 usage, bringing the environmental benefits of using a 20% renewable fuel blend to high-horsepower applications in mining, industrial and power generation markets. Cummins high-horsepower engines approved for use with B20 biodiesel include the Quantum Series engine platforms from the QSK19 to the QSK78, covering a 506- to 3,500-hp range (377 to 2,610 kW). Cummins K Series engine platforms from the K19 to the K2000E are also approved for use with B20 biodiesel across a 450- to 2,000-hp range (336 to 1,491 kW). These high-horsepower engines will join Cummins EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA industrial engines already B20-approved down to the 80-hp (60 kW) QSB3.3. Cummins requires that biodiesel fuel blends above B5 and up to B20 used in all Cummins engines to be purchased from BQ-9000-certified suppliers and meet both the revised ASTM D6751 and the new ASTM D7467 standards or equivalent international specifications.

Cummins is participating in industry efforts aimed to improve the consistent quality of biodiesel. The availability of biodiesel from BQ-9000 Accredited Producers and Certified Marketers has increased significantly. Working closely with the American Society of Testing Materials has resulted in an improved B100 specification (ASTM D6751) that now requires a cold soak test and a new B20 specification (ASTM D7467) that includes an oxidation stability requirement.

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