Commodity Supply Chain Management

Pit to Version 4.3.0 is the latest release of a software-based management information system for companies operating export and/or domestic bulk materials supply chains. The system, according to developer QMASTOR, allows management to plan, record, track, optimize, account, reconcile and report the tonnage, quality and value of bulk materials across the supply chain. Pit to Port synchronizes the operations, logistics, marketing and commercial functions providing a clear and transparent view of supply chain operations. Developed to be commodity and industry independent, Pit to Port is claimed to have application across all bulk commodity industry segments. It incorporates the latest .Net platform, SQL 2005 databases, SQL reporting services and SQL integration services. Pit to Port modules include: supply chain planning; budgeting; pit mapping with resource definition; mining; stockpile management; quality and blend management; processing; sample management; transportation (conveyor, barge, train, truck); shipping; dispatch/ demurrage; sales/purchase contract management; invoicing; revenue, cash flow and cost accounting; integration; and web based reporting.

As featured in Womp 07 Vol 9 -