Mine Planning Software for Stratified Minerals

Gemcom Software International Inc. has released Minex 5.2, a software package that supports the geology and mine planning needs of mining companies working stratified deposits. Underground and openpit mining operations use Minex to support surveying, mine planning and scheduling. The system integrates key functions like borehole data management, geological modeling, mine planning and design, allowing its users to make fast, effective decisions by easily sharing data. New and updated capabilities added to Minex 5.2 include: a full open-pit mine design suite which generates bench, strip and block designs; a coal washability module that stores and manipulates coal wash data based on size fractions, density fractions and yield; an open-pit reserves module that enables engineers to generate volumes, tonnages and quality of coal and waste layers in their designed mining blocks; borehole database support for connections to ODBC databases such as Access or SQL Server or Oracle; and eExtensive enhancements to texture surface draping on triangle surfaces.


As featured in Womp 07 Vol 9 - www.womp-int.com