Cutting the Cost of Drying Compressed Air

Sullair’s new SRC cycling air dryer is designed to reduce the cost of drying compressed air. The SRC dryer is furnished in 10 models, ranging from 150 to 1,000 scfm. Standard on SRC-250 to SRC-1000 models, Sullair utilizes a reliable and energy-saving scroll compressor. Other standard features on dryer models SRC- 400 to SRC-1000 include a unique zero-loss drain integrated into the heat exchanger to collect condensate. The SRC-150 through SRC-200 cycling air dryers are equipped with simple analog indicators and controls, while models SRC-250 and larger feature microprocessor controls that include such features as digital multi-functional display and dewpoint temperature read-out, multiple alarm safety and extensive programmability. Sullair offers an optional RS-485 connection in the SRC dryer that provides remote start, stop, alarm reset, and dewpoint, temperature, alarm and hour counter monitor.

As featured in Womp 07 Vol 9 -