Faster, Sturdier Boomer S1 D on the Way

Able to drill faces up to 31m2 in cross section quickly and accurately, the Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer RB 281 has proved an excellent choice for many kinds of mine around the world and has been very successful. But technology moves on and the company will shortly launch a replacement, the Rocket Boomer S1 D—built on a new carrier offering higher ground clearance and higher tramming speed. There is space for a longer electrical cable and an optional water hose reel in order to help reduce setup times. The S1 D is fitted with the new BUT 28 B boom, which is stronger and more stable so it can carry the RAS rod handling system and drill steel support. The standard drill has also been changed, from the COP 1838 ME normally used on the RB 281 to the COP 2238.

Morgan Kanflod, the product manager responsible for the S1 D, reports: “Tests conducted in Swedish granite show an increase of up to 20% in penetration rate”. However, the COPs 1638 and 1838 are available as options. While a protective roof is still standard equipment, a FOPSapproved cabin that reduces interior noise levels to below 80 dB(A) is an option, with air conditioning as a further option. The operator panel is vertically adjustable and all service points are easily accessible, according to Atlas Copco.