System Ensures Safe Grounding to Dissipate Static Charges

According to Cenelectrex, the bonding connections provided on most specialpurpose trucks, mobile service vehicles or trailer-mounted equipment can easily fail if not used properly or if they are not in good working condition. Also, such equipment is typically grounded through the equipment it is serving, making it doubly difficult to be certain that static electricity will be safely dissipated. The company says its new Mobile Equipment Grounding and Bonding system eliminates this dangerous situation by providing electronically sensed, inherently safe verification of a valid connection to a designated ground point or equipotential bond. When a safe path is established it is signaled by a bright LED readout. The system, according to the company, can be used for virtually any mobile equipment that must operate within, or close to, potentially explosive or flammable atmospheres. Models are available that are capable of controlling the operation or process through a positive interlock module, disabling the process until a verifiable dissipation path is established. The system’s electronic elements are powered either by the vehicle's battery or through an independent power pack as a standard accessory.