New Features for Mine Modeling Software

Version 7 of Maptek’s Vulcan 3-D mine modeling system software features nearly two-dozen improvements in major functional categories that include geotechnical, surveying, grid calculation, pit layout, progress mapping, grade control and pit optimization, among many other options.

According to the company, the Grid Calc menus have been expanded and rearranged to help users navigate quickly and easily. The Strat Model Editor provides tools to create an integrated stratigraphic grid model, using only a valid drillhole database, survey data (if available) and a topography or cropping surface. Version 7’s Create Surface function allows simple creation of a single gridded surface, including combinations of data from mapfiles, design data and triangulations. Faulting can also be incorporated. Create Multiple Surfaces creates grid models based on mapfile data. Its Create Stratigraphic Solid function automatically creates a Block Model representing the complex faulted structure of the input Block Faulted triangulations. With a few simple inputs, the user (with no prerequisite knowledge of block modeling) can produce a single geological model suitable for reserving against mining blocks (as solid triangulations or simple polygons). The Chronos Scheduler now integrates with Microsoft Excel, combining the set of Chronos features with the usability of spreadsheets. Reports, graphs, charts and pivot tables can be produced directly in Excel.