Transportable Filtration System Offers Improved Application Flexibility

BakerCorp’s new 10K Specialty Media System is claimed to provide improved operational flexibility for certain filtration applications. The new filtration system comprises dual vessels containing up to 10,000 lb of media per vessel; an integrated lead-lag pipe rack with backwash capability; and a safety work platform conveniently mounted on a compact skid. The new system is designed to achieve higher flow rates while providing a more cost-effective, labor-saving alternative to traditional equipment commonly used for liquid filtration applications.

“An impressive feature of this technology is how easy it is to transport and setup. The design saves hours of labor because a driver can set the system in place at the jobsite, straight off the truck. You just make your connections and go,” said Chuck Jarnecke, director of filtration and media for BakerCorp. Larger, heavier filtration systems historically required the equipment to lay flat during transport, often involving the services of an extrawide load truck, special permits and added labor for setup and installation. The new BakerCorp integrated filtration system is compact in size and, according to the company, does not require special without delay. The 10K system accepts a wide range of specialty media, depending on the needs of the specific project, from organoclay to ion exchange, arsenic media, activated carbon, specialty resins and smaller particulate media.

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