Underground Miner Emergency Shelter

Strata Products’ Portable Fresh Air Bay is designed to provide 96 hours of breathable air to trapped miners. The bay is a portable, inflatable refuge chamber that can be inflated and filled with fresh air as it is deployed. Medical-grade oxygen cylinders and a CO2 scrubber maintain the fresh breathable air inside the chamber. There are two models of Fresh Air Bay—fully inflatable and manually erected. The inflatable unit is constructed with air-tight inflatable beams, while the manually erected tent is built on a collapsible aluminum frame.

When not in use, the Fresh Air Bay is folded up and stowed away in an explosionresistant steel skid-mounted container. Along with the bay, the skid stores the gas cylinders, scrubber and all other necessary supplies, allowing easy relocation. In the event of an emergency, the bay is deployed directly out of the skid by activating flow from the compressed gas cylinders.

The CO2 scrubbing system does not require electrical power to operate, instead using soda lime chemicals to remove CO2. A multi-gas monitor is provided to monitor CO2, O2, CO and methane gas levels inside and outside the bay. Powerless cooling systems are also available to control the temperatures inside the bay. All units are designed with an air-lock entry. Fresh Air Bays are constructed to standard sizes, and can also be custom built.